Chicken in a Pot


Ever had a craving for something so specific, but couldn't figure out what it was? I know you have. That's how I felt when my family kept asking me to make chicken in pot recipe. What is that? Is it soup or stew or just grilled chicken with vegetables...Turns out this dish is called Chicken in Pot and it isn't actually one thing-it can be made as soup, stew, or even just an oven roasted dish! If you want the flavor of all three then try adding potatoes, carrots, celery and onions along with salt and pepper to the bottom of your pot before placing your seasoned whole chicken on top. 

prep:20 mins
cook:20 mins
total:40 mins
Yield:4 servings 


Per Serving:

206 calories; protein 28.7g; carbohydrates 6.9g; fat 6.6g; cholesterol 72.8mg; sodium 401.7mg.