Cream Cheese Pound Cake III


This is the third recipe in my Cream Cheese Pound Cake series. I've tried to make this series as easy as possible, so you'll only need three ingredients for these recipes: cream cheese, eggs and butter. These cakes are great because they're moist and delicious with minimal effort! This time around we're going to be making a traditional pound cake that pairs well with fruit or ice cream. The basic ingredients can be substituted for other flavors like lemon, chocolate or raspberry if desired. Let's get started!

prep:30 mins
cook:1 hr
total:1 hr 30 mins
Yield:1 - 10 inch tube pan 


Per Serving:

525 calories; protein 6.9g; carbohydrates 63.9g; fat 27.7g; cholesterol 149.6mg; sodium 218mg.